ArcGIS lisatarkvara XTools Pro uus versioon 4.2

Tuntud  ArcGIS töövahendite ja lisarakenduste looja Data East, LLC teatas XTools Pro uue versiooni 4.2 ilmumisest. Täiustatud või uued võimalused XTools Pro versioonis 4.2:

– joonte genereerimine punktobjektidest

– polügoonide genereerimine punktobjektidest

– polügoonide genereerimine joontest

– polügoonide konverteerimine joonteks

– jne

Data East firma poolt loodud ArcGIS abivahenditest loe täpsemalt ALPHAGIS kodulehelt:,11,106,107


Data East inglisekeelne pressiteade:


We are pleased to announce that new XTools Pro 4.2 version is released and available for downloading. We suggest you to download and install this updated version.


What’s new in XTools Pro 4.2


XTools Pro 4.2 is a minor upgrade, following features are introduced and updated in this version:


Geoprocessing functions:


Make One Polyline from Points

Make One Polygon from Points

Make One Polygon from Polylines

– like in XTools Pro tools, a new option for defining input features order by the attribute field is implemented in these geoprocessing functions


Convert Polygons to Polylines

– a new option for splitting adjacent output polylines is added


Convex Hull Multiple

– a new geoprocessing tool for building convex hulls for multiple layers is added


MultiDelete Fields

– the tool user interface is revised in order to enhance its usability, new options and features introduced are: field types displayed, number of selected/all fields displayed, you can select or unselect all fields and invert selection with just one click



Other changes:

– New 30-days trial period for unregistered users

– Minor bug fixes


ArcGIS compatibility:

– XTools Pro 4.2 version is compatible with ArcGIS 8.x and 9.x versions (including the latest ArcGIS 9.2)


Please note that XTools Pro 4.0 and 4.1 license keys are valid for this new version (users having previous XTools Pro licenses will need to upgrade).


XTools Pro online resources:

XTools Pro site:                

Data East site:                  


Ordering and registration:   



Technical support:            


As well, we are pleased to announce a new version of another Data East software product, Smart Search for ArcGIS.


Smart Search is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop providing advanced searching capabilities in ArcMap. Smart Search allows finding features and records in spatial data and tables in ArcGIS supported formats.


What’s new in Smart Search 1.3:

– ArcGIS 9.2 compatibility

   Smart Search is now compatible with new ArcGIS 9.2


– Working with Search Results

   Functionality for working with search results is extended and adopted to ArcGIS 9.2


– ArcGIS 9.2 SFL support:

   ArcGIS 9.2 Secure Features Layers are supported in Smart Search


– New 30-days trial period for unregistered users


Smart Search online:


Ordering and registration:  

Technical support:



Thank you for your interest to our products.

If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you information and announcements about any new versions and updates as they become available.