Esri local user conference in Tallinn on May 14-15, 2014 in hotel Euroopa

We are pleased to inform you that AlphaGIS is celebrating 10th anniversary this year. The celebrations are connected to our 11th annual local user conference which will be held on May 14-15, 2014, in Hotel Euroopa in Tallinn. The conference will take place in two days and brings the local GIS community together to communicate, discuss and share ideas regarding the GIS implementations in different applications.

The assembly is bringing the greatest geospatial minds together. The conference attracts GIS professionals who implement the latest GIS techniques and technologies, experts with innovative ideas and users who have the best practice. There has been over 200 people from 80 different organisation visiting sessions and exhibition. The aim of this conference is to provide the information about the innovations in GIS technology and share the users’ experiences in the field. During these two days there will be over 30 experts from Estonia and internationally presenting about their work and ideas.

Wensday, 14th of May

Opening session                          09.00-17.00
Exhibition                                      11.00-17.00

Thursday, 15th of May

Users session                               09.00-14.30
Tehnology session                      09.00-14.10
Exhibition                                      11.00-15.00
Closing session                           15.00-16.30
Closing remarks                          16.30


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