Course on 26th- 28th of August: Introduction to remote sensing and vegetation analysis with ENVI

AlphaGIS is more than happy to invite you to participate in the training course from 26th till 28th of August 2014Introduction to remote sensing and vegetation analysis with ENVI. Course and all the materials will be in English.

1. Place

AlphaGIS training centre, Mustamäe tee 4, Tallinn Estonia.

2. Price

790 € (including VAT). Price includes training materials, lunch and coffee breaks.

3. Topics

Tuesday, August 26th. Introduction to remote sensing with ENVI

The basics of multispectral remote sensing, coupled with exercises that reinforce concepts and introduce the student to image visualization and analysis with ENVI.

Multispectral Remote Sensing Applications

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • The Basis for all Remote Sensing
  • Image Display Basics

Sensor Resolution

  • Spatial, Spectral, Radiometric, and Temporal

Remote Sensing Data Preprocessing

  • Radiometric Correction
  • Atmospheric Correction
  • Geometric Correction
  • Surface Topography

Multispectral Analysis

  • The Z-Profile Tool
  • Common Material ID Based on Pixel Reflectance
  • Band Ratios for Analysis
  • Spectral Transforms
  • NDVI
  • Introduction to Image Classification

Wednesday and Thursday, August 27th and 28th. Vegetation Analysis with ENVI

The basics of working with ENVI. Data preprocessing – getting your data ready to analyze. Various topics related to the analysis of vegetation with multispectral and hyperspectral data.

Image Display Concepts

  • Contrast Stretching
  • Color Tables
  • Density Slice
  • Image Linking and Dynamic Overlays

Data Preprocessing

  • Atmospheric and solar irradiance corrections
  • Methods for conversion to reflectance
  • Radiance data

Image Registration

  • Image to image
  • Image to map
  • Warping and Resampling imagery

Vegetation Analysis

  • Topographic Modeling
  • Masks
  • NDVI
  •  3D Surface Modeling

Spectral Concepts

  • Z-Profiles – extracting spectra from data
  • Working with spectral libraries
  • Causes of spectral features in vegetation

Regions of Interest and Classification

  • Scatter Plots
  • ROI Tool
  • Supervised Classification
  • Post Classification tools

Change Detection

  • Change Detection Analysis
  • Creating vector layers and image annotation
  • Miscalleneous

4. Registration: until 20th of August 2014

NB! Participation in the course does not require previous experience with GIS software (s) (including ArcGIS, ENVI, etc.) development.

Trainees have the opportunity to send a work related specifical questions by e-mail to the address The issues will be considered in practical tasks.